6 of the best Christmas markets in Europe

It’s almost Christmas! Nowadays, most towns and cities boast festive markets enticing us to take time out from all that Christmas shopping and indulge in a mulled wine (or three). So why not get your festive break off to a flying start with our pick of the best Christmas markets in Europe?

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Best European Christmas Markets for 2016

Halloween has gone in a puff of smoke, and Bonfire Night went off with a bang so that can only mean one thing... It’s Christmas!

So what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a trip to a European Christmas market?

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Question: Can Wrapped Christmas Presents Go In Hand Luggage?

If you’re jetting off at this time of year, the chances are you will be flying with Christmas presents in your hand luggage.   

But do you know what to do with any Christmas pressents you're carrying, can you travel with gift wrapped presents in your hand luggage?

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Christmas Air Travel With Children

More and more families are deciding to pack up and jet off over Christmas time.  Whether that’s to see friends and family overseas or to enjoy the festive season in an idyllic, snow filled ski resort, travelling over Christmas time with children is becoming more common place than ever before.

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Christmas Trip to Lapland

Christmas is a magical time for children, and if your budget stretches to a trip to Lapland you're in for a real Christmas treat.

Family trips to Lapland have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years. The search for Father Christmas and the promise of deep snow appeals to both young and old.  And now, thanks to a number of tour operators, a trip to Lapland is more accessible than ever.

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Christmas Celebrations Around the World

As Christmas draws closer – and the shops are bursting with more festive delights by the minute– there’s no better time to consider your options for spending Christmas abroad.

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Festive hand luggage travel tips advice, rules & regulations

Gatwick has reported that it will have its busiest ever Christmas this year, with around two million people passing through the airport over the festive period - more than 60,000 people will fly out of the airport on Sunday, 22 December alone.

If you're one of the many flying though Gatwick this Christmas, check out our tips about festive hand luggage, rules and regulations.

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