All you need to know about Gatwick Airport

Before travelling to Gatwick Airport, you're bound to have countless questions about it. Here, we've compiled some of the most popular questions asked about Gatwick and answered them all in one handy place. 

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Vegan options at Gatwick Airport

What are the best food options available for vegans at Gatwick Airport?

More people than ever are asking this question, as the plant-based movement continues to grow in popularity at a rapid pace.

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Hotels at Gatwick Airport

Searching for the best hotel at Gatwick Airport? Or maybe you're looking for the cheapest Gatwick hotel for a budget stay before you fly. There’s a range of places to stay to suit every budget, so if you need to stop over before or after your flight, or simply fancy starting your holiday early, check out our round-up of the major hotel chains at Gatwick Airport.

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Eating at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is home to a host of eateries to suit every palate. Before you fly, check out the options available to tempt your tastebuds by reading our lowdown on the most delicious dishes on offer. 

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Gatwick Airport guide

Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK – seeing over 43 million passengers pass through its doors every year. So, it makes sense for us to give you a run down on the best practices when parking, travelling and flying from Gatwick Airport.

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Your quick guide to liquids in hand luggage rules

Marmite, Nutella and baked beans - the dos and don’ts of liquids in hand luggage.

If you're still confused about the liquids in hand luggage rules and what constitutes a liquid, don't worry, you're not alone.

London City Airport revealed recently that it has had to confiscate Marmite, Nutella, and even baked beans from passengers who still aren't aware of the rules.


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‘Summer of Care’ Launched at Gatwick

As the peak summer season fast approaches, Gatwick Airport has launched its passenger-focused ‘Summer of Care’ programme.

The programme sees 30 multi-lingual staff, boasting 10 different languages, on hand to assist passengers with any questions or queries they may have.

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Gatwick Airport on Google Street Maps

If you’re new to Gatwick Airport and you’re a little concerned as to how you’ll negotiate your way around the airport then never fear… Google Street maps is here to help you.

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Airport Foreign Exchange

When do you buy your foreign currency? Do you purchase your holiday spending money when you book your holiday, do you watch the rates and buy when you think they're at their best, or do you leave it to the last minute and pick up your currency at the airport?

If you leave buying your currency until you get to the airport, are you aware that you’ll get a lot less for your money?

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Trollies At Gatwick

First flight from Gatwick and worried about transporting your luggage through to check-in?

Don't panic, Gatwick Airport has, quite literally, thousands of trollies throughout the airport.

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Gatwick Airport Service Centre

Did you know Gatwick Airport has a Service Centre that, like a Help Desk, is there to assist with any queries or problems with your flights and time spent at the airport?

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Understanding who is responsible for what at Gatwick

Have you ever stopped to wonder who is responsible for what at Gatwick? Or to whom you should direct your questions about parking, baggage etc to?

Often, it's not until something goes wrong, that we realise Gatwick Airport is responsible for everything that happens at the airport. For more information on who is responsible for what, read on...

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Gatwick Airport Lounges

Gone are the days when airport lounges were only for the rich and famous flying first class.

Today, Gatwick Airport’s two terminals offer a number of airport lounges, for all travellers, flying with any airline and in any class, including entry to children.

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Gatwick terminals on Google Street Maps

If you dread the thought of finding your way around Gatwick Airport; trying to find your favourite coffee shop, restaurant or shop in the Departure Lounge, or simply trying to locate your boarding gate.

Then fear no more, Gatwick has teamed up with Google Street View to provide a unique street view of the inside of airport from a home PC or smartphone, so you’ll never get lost again!

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Tips for Gatwick disabled passengers and PRM

Travelling through a busy airport, such as Gatwick, can be quite stressful for some people, not least those with reduced mobility and disabled travellers.

Many disabled passengers are anxious about how they are going to access Gatwick airport once they have arrived at the terminal and how they are going to progress through the terminal to their aircraft.

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Gatwick Airport Travel Tips

It’s less than three weeks until the school holidays when many of us will be heading to Gatwick for a welcome break.

If you’re heading though Gatwick soon check out our top tips and to help you get through the airport quickly and stress free.

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