9 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Holiday

Looking to get the very best deal on your holiday?

You are not the only one, but there are a few small changes you can make that can make a big difference on the total cost of your holiday.

  1. Date Flexibility
    If you can be flexible on your dates, then you could save hundreds of pounds. Flying on certain days of the week is more expensive than others. When getting quotes in for your holiday, look at mid-week dates, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which are usually cheaper than weekend flights.
  2. Destinations
    If you’re looking for a sunshine holiday, consider the entire globe as there are certain destinations that are much cheaper than others.
  3. Duration of Your Holiday
    Believe it or not, a two-week holiday is often cheaper than a 10-day deal. If you have enough annual leave, consider a fortnight’s holiday.
  4. All-inclusive Family Deals
    Eating out can really increase the total cost of your holiday, especially with children. Why not consider an all-inclusive holiday option? This way you know you don’t have to part with any cash once in resort and what’s more, they are often only a few hundred pounds more expensive than self-catering options in the school holidays.
  5. Room Type
    When selecting your holiday look at the room options. By selecting a slightly less luxurious room, you could save around £500 on a two-week holiday. You may not have a sea view but for a saving of hundreds of pounds, do you really need one?
  6. Flight Times
    Needless to say, the more desirable daytime flights are more expensive than night-time flights. If you don’t mind travelling through the night you could well save around £300-400 on the total cost of your holiday.
  7. Cheaper Airports
    The bigger, more-popular airports in the UK are more expensive to fly from than smaller regional airports due to airport charges to airlines, so it may be possible to get a cheaper deal on the exact same holiday by flying from a different airport.
  8. In-flight Meals
    Check to see if your flight includes costly in-flight meals. You can usually save around £20pp on a return flight – for a family of four that’s £80. Instead you can buy snacks at the airport, sandwiches even, and take them on the plane to eat during your flight.
  9. Book Your Airport Parking Early
    As with many holiday extras, the earlier you book your Gatwick meet and greet, the cheaper it will be. But don't forget to use a Gatwick Approved Operator for the safest and most-secure parking.