5 most romantic holiday destinations

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, but for all you lovebirds there are enough romantic holiday destinations to fill up a year of travelling!

Read on to find out our top 5 list of the world’s most loved up locations.


No list of Valentines-worthy destinations could be complete without the city of love itself, Paris. But how did the French capital earn its rep as the most romantic place to be?

One of the biggest reasons is its food and drink. Famous aphrodisiacs like oysters, caviar and chocolate all washed down with a glass of champagne are what France is famous for, so what better place to enjoy them than its beautiful capital city?

The French themselves have a reputation for grand romantic gestures and loved up language – after all, they even greet each other with a kiss. Films over the years have fuelled this perception of Paris as the home of romance.

Another reason is the history and architecture of Paris. There’s a ban on buildings higher than six stories, which helps the city maintain its charm – strolling through its cobbled streets you’ll never feel swamped by skyscrapers like you can in other major European capitals.

Of course, one of the most famous landmarks is the Eiffel Tower, which has sparked countless proposals over the decades.


The Instagram-tastic town of Santorini is a must-visit if you’re looking for a romantic holiday in Greece – it’s easy to see why it’s a top destination for honeymoons.

Who wouldn’t love to watch the sun set over the dazzling Aegean Sea, with a glass of something chilled, from the comfort of your own secluded balcony?

For the fully romantic experience, make sure you check out Red Beach, which boasts a red cliff and even red sand – #nofilter needed!

New York

We’ve all seen someone posting a sparkler on Facebook after their significant other popped the question in New York. So what is it that makes this city such a hotspot for romance?

Hollywood has a lot to answer for, as there are hundreds of movies romanticising the city and its famous landmarks, like the Empire State Building. Many people who visit are so used to seeing the city on the silver screen, they actually feel like they’re in a movie – and what could be more romantic than starring in your very own love story?

There’s undoubtedly something truly magical about the city that never sleeps, with its 24-hour buzz (not to mention the 24-carat jewels on display at the famous Tiffany & Co).

And surely a carriage ride through Central Park could warm up even the coldest of hearts?


We were torn between a few romantic Italian destinations for this list, with Verona – home of Romeo and Juliet – and Rome, the nation’s capital, coming up as close contenders. Not to mention Venice.

However, both can be real tourist traps, so we opted for the (slightly) more chilled city of Florence.

Famous worldwide as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence has spectacular architecture, art, culture and history whichever way you turn. Home of Dante, one of Italy’s greatest poets and oldest romantics, Florence’s charm is undeniable.

The city even offers two for one admission for couples to most museums and cultural hotspots on Valentine’s Day itself. Both romantic and economical – now that’s a city after our own heart!


The Maldives is among the top choice for romantic holiday destinations, and who could blame all of those lovebirds for jetting off to this idyllic isle?

White sandy beaches, exquisite restaurants and luxury hotels make for the perfect getaway for lovers. You’d struggle to find somewhere more picturesque, with its dreamy lagoons and perfect palm trees.

Plus, rising sea levels mean the entire island may soon be underwater – so it’s best to book your romantic retreat while you still can!

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