10 Tips for great holiday photos

Everyone loves holidays and it’s great to look back on photos to remind us of what fun we had. But all too often, our holiday snaps are a bit of a let down – blurred, out of focus, or too far away – that fail to capture the moment.

A few of us at Help Me Park have a keen interest in photography so we’ve put together the following tips to help you improve your holiday photos. Check out the tips and take photos that will not only wow your friends and family but help to preserve your holiday memories:

  1. Avoid camera shake
    Camera shake is a common reason for blurred photos, particularly if you’re using a zoom lens. Steady yourself against a building, tree, or any solid object and tuck your elbows in before gently pressing the shutter.
  2. Frame your shot
    Think about the composition before you take the photo. Don’t forget to avoid lampposts or other objects that could distract attention from your subject.
  3. Composition
    Be adventurous with your compositions. Use strong lead-in lines, such as roads and paths, or use objects in the foreground to add interest. If you’re taking a photos of a landmark, building or tourist attraction, walk around to view it from all angles to get the best possible shot. Consider taking photos from different heights, such as crouching down to take your shot from a low angle.
  4. Best light
    The best light for taking photos is during the ‘Golden Hours’, typically early in the morning or the hour before sunset. If you’re taking photos of friends or family with the light behind them, use flash, known as fill-in flash, to illuminate their features.
  5. Fill the frame
    Get up close and personal with your subject to provide impact. Taking photos close up means there are less distractions and it’s obvious what you wanted to take a photo of.
  6. Look for details
    As well as looking for different angles to take photos, look for details close up. Close-up, and even macro photography, can give you stunning holiday photos that can say just as much about a destination as a scenic landscape.
  7. Get up early
    Yes, we know you’re on holiday, but getting up early before your fellow tourists should allow you to show a different side of your destination, peaceful and free of tourists.
  8. Take photos of the locals
    Taking photos of local characters can add another dimension to your holiday photos and show more of the atmosphere of your destination, but don’t forget to ask permission first. Taking photos without permission could cause offence for cultural, personal or religious reasons.
  9. Watch out for fingers!
    Unless you’re taking photos with an SLR camera, where what you see when you look through the view finder is what you get, watch out for fingers or anything else that could block the view through the camera’s lens.
  10. Digital photo checks
    If you’re using a digital camera, always check your photos in-camera and delete ones that aren’t good enough as you go along. This not only helps to prevent your camera’s storage card being filled up too quickly, it should mean that you should always get the shot you want – if you’re not satisfied with what you have taken, take more photos. Reviewing your photos as you go along means you shouldn’t be disappointed when you get home.

Take a look at some of Help Me Park’s photos on our Flickr page, there are also some great photos of Gatwick taken by Sean  on our Facebook page.