10 Selfie Tips

It’s All About the Selfies...

Smile, pout, frown... we all love a selfie! However, for every five we take, one might be worthy of a post on social media.

So just how do we take those perfect selfies, something the Kardashians would be proud of, when we’re on holiday?

  1. All About The Eyes
    First and foremost, for the best selfie, always hold your camera above your eyes – you need to be looking up, not down.
  2. Position, Position, Position
    It’s all about the position, well actually the framing. The best selfie shots are when your face is positioned in the top right hand corner or side. This gives a photogenic angle to your face and gets in some of the background too.
  3. Close-Ups
    Some of the best individual selfie shots are actually when they are taken close up and fill the frame. However, here’s the tip: look the other way, about 90º, not directly at the camera.
  4. Mirror, Mirror
    If you want a selfie to show off your entire body, perhaps you’ve got a new outfit, stand in front of a full-length mirror. Then, tilt your body, turning either to the left or to the right – this is way more flattering than a full-frontal shot.
  5. Two Hands So Use Them
    You don’t just have to take a selfie with one hand. Use both your hands – this gives you stability and allows a nice frame with your arms and the positioning of your camera is very complimentary.
  6. Background
    Choose where you take your selfie wisely, because no one needs to see a gorgeous picture of you with a stack of washing up in the background or a pile of dirty clothes.
  7. Feet First
    Forget your face, be creative and show your feet. We all love our fancy footwear, or neatly polished toes, so why not show where you are with your feet? This gives you a creative angle to get in much more of your surroundings – sit down, lift your feet up and snap away!
  8. Hey Mr Blue Skies
    If you’re taking a shot and it’s too dark in places, an iPhone will allow you to brighten up specific areas. Simply tap twice on the dark spot and a sun icon will appear. Tap again to lighten.
  9. No More Double Chins
    Banish double chins: as you look up towards the camera stretch out and extend your neck.
  10. Push the Button
    Don’t forget, there are lots of tips and tricks to help you push the button when you’re ready to take the photo. Why not invest in a selfie stick? On an iPhone you can also use the volume buttons on the side to take the photo too – this allows you to hold your phone slightly further away.