10 Family Skiing Tips

As the ski season fast approaches, many young families are keen to take their children on their first skiing holiday. Yet considerations for booking a ski holiday with children can be different to booking an adults-only ski trip.

The following information and advice helps new family skiers get the most from their children's first skiing holiday:

  1. Family-Friendly Resorts
    With so many resorts to choose from the different options can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, if you’re skiing with your children for the first time remember that your ‘après ski’ needs will be somewhat different than before. Make sure there are day and night children's facilities and entertainment available to keep your little ones amused.
  2. Altitude Sickness
    Be aware that high-altitude resorts can cause children to suffer from altitude sickness.
  3. Ski schools
    Ski schools are a great idea - as well as giving your kids expert tuition on learning to ski, they also gives the grown ups a couple of hours a day to ski in peace!
  4. Locality
    When looking into your accommodation, consider how close it is to the slopes. If it’s too far away, your children could get tired (especially in snow boots) and you’re likely to end up carrying their skis.
  5. Loo Breaks
    Regardless of whether you little ones think they need a wee or not, always make sure they try when you pass the slope's public toilet or stop for refreshments. The last thing you want is for them to need a wee on top of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere!
  6. Snacks
    You wouldn’t leave home without them so don’t leave your accommodation without a few snacks either. Skiing is exhausting work and a healthy snack will boost energy levels. So fill up your pockets with a few treats.
  7. Pushchairs
    If you intend to take a pushchair, bear in mind a regular chair with small wheels will simply not get through the thick snow-covered streets. Beg or borrow a big ‘off roading’ type pushchair with big wheels!
  8. Snow Time
    Remember, snow is a magical thing for children so, as well as the skiing, let them be kids and enjoy the snow for what it is. Build snowmen, make snow angels, and go sledging.
  9. Whistle
    It’s a good idea to attach a whistle to the outside of your child’s snowsuit in case of an emergency. This way, they can easily draw attention to themselves – but do tell them ‘the boy who cried wolf’ story to deter any club-style whistle blowing.
  10. Meet and greet parking
    Flying out of Gatwick Airport with heavy, bulky ski equipment? Need to park your car? Forget traditional airport parking and book Help Me Park's meet and greet parking at Gatwick.

    With heavy sports equipment, and a young family, meet and greet parking is arguably the only way to park – drive straight to the airport terminal forecourt, meet your dedicated driver, unload your luggage and make your way straight into the airport terminal while your car is park in our secure car park. No lugging cases and skis for miles, on and off buses from remote car parks.