Gatwick destination guide - Shanghai

From December, Gatwick passengers will be able to fly directly to Shanghai. But what should we see, do and eat there? We delved in to find out the buzz on China's largest city.

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What you need to know about travel insurance

It's not the best type of holiday shopping, but buying travel insurance is crucial if you want to protect yourself should the worst happen while you're away. Read on to find out everything you need to know about travel insurance.

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How to keep your home safe while you're on holiday

Let's be honest, how many of us add home security measures to our holiday preparation list? The fact is, holidays leave our homes vulnerable, so it's smart to take security precautions before you go. So what exactly can we do to keep our homes safe while we're on holiday?

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Gatwick destination guide - Paris

This month, France's national day will be celebrated on 14 July, to mark the Storming of the Bastille. We decided to turn our attention to its capital to help you plan a trip to the city of love.

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GDPR - an update for customers

The new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on the 25th May 2018, so here’s an update to remind you of what we do with your data and why.

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Tips for travelling alone

Solo travel is on the rise, with Google searches rising by 40% since the start of 2015. So, we decided to put together some tips on travelling alone to help you navigate your first solo travel trip like a seasoned pro.

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Bank holiday getaways from Gatwick

There are two long weekends coming up this month – will you be spending them relaxing at home or jetting away from it all? We’ve chosen four of the best places for a city break this month.

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Gatwick destination guide - Berlin

Berlin is now easier than ever to reach for Gatwick passengers, as airline EasyJet is set to launch a new thrice-daily service to Berlin Tegel Airport next month.

We decided to delve into the best things to do in Berlin if you get chance to travel to the German capital.

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Airline classes: explained

What are the different airline classes, and what exactly do you get for your money? We decided to take a look at your options onboard your next flight to find out if it’s worth paying more to travel in style.

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Gatwick destination guide - Buenos Aires

Earlier this year, Gatwick became the first airport in the UK to offer a low-cost service to the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires.

We decided to take a closer look at the “Paris of South America” to find out why it’s such a great place for Gatwick passengers to visit.

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What to do if you lose your passport

Did you know almost 50,000 of us Brits lose their passport abroad every year? It's every holidaymaker's worst nightmare - but fear not, we've got your back! Find out what to do if you lose your passport (and how to avoid it!).

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What makes Gatwick Airport autism-friendly?

This week is World Autism Awareness Week, and we are proud to serve customers of Gatwick Airport, which is the UK’s first autism-friendly airport. Read on to find out exactly what that means and how Gatwick works to make travelling through its facility easier for people with autism.

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What is meet and greet parking and how does it work?

Here at Help Me Park, we’ve been parking cars for Gatwick Airport customers since 2005, so we've put together a simple guide to meet and greet (also known as valet) parking to help you decide if it’s the right airport parking choice for your next trip out of Gatwick Airport.

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10 tips for driving in the snow

Adverse weather conditions can have a disastrous effect on the roads and many of us fear jumping into the driving seat during snowstorms and icy temperatures, with good reason.

We’ve put together some winter driving tips to help you get around safely.

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5 most romantic holiday destinations

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, but for all you lovebirds there are enough romantic holiday destinations to fill up a year of travelling! Read on to find out our top 5 list of the world’s most loved-up locations.

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All you need to know about Gatwick Airport

Before travelling to Gatwick Airport, you're bound to have countless questions about it. Here, we've compiled some of the most popular questions asked about Gatwick and answered them all in one handy place. 

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10 location inspired baby names

With the announcement this week that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby girl has been named Chicago West, after her father’s hometown, we got to thinking about the number of destination-related names which have become so popular in recent times.

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Vegan options at Gatwick Airport

What are the best food options available for vegans at Gatwick Airport?

More people than ever are asking this question, as the plant-based movement continues to grow in popularity at a rapid pace.

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Hotels at Gatwick Airport

Searching for the best hotel at Gatwick Airport? Or maybe you're looking for the cheapest Gatwick hotel for a budget stay before you fly. There’s a range of places to stay to suit every budget, so if you need to stop over before or after your flight, or simply fancy starting your holiday early, check out our round-up of the major hotel chains at Gatwick Airport.

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6 of the best Christmas markets in Europe

It’s almost Christmas! Nowadays, most towns and cities boast festive markets enticing us to take time out from all that Christmas shopping and indulge in a mulled wine (or three). So why not get your festive break off to a flying start with our pick of the best Christmas markets in Europe?

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The 10 Greatest Cities in the World

Plan your next city break with a little help from your friends at Help Me Park! We've rounded up 10 of the greatest cities in the world to help make your next holiday one to remember. 

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7 Halloween holidays to spook you

Summer is over – but before we start the Christmas countdown, we have Halloween to look forward to! We decided to help you get your spook on with 7 ghoulish getaways you can book from Gatwick Airport right now.

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Where’s hot in October? Top 5 autumn sun destinations

That’s it, summer is officially over! Bitterly cold nights are drawing ever closer. But if you’re looking to escape the dreary autumn weather, blistering winds, and painfully dark mornings, then check out our top five autumn sun destinations you can jet away to, direct from Gatwick Airport this year.

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5 of the best fitness holidays

Holidays are traditionally a time to relax and indulge in all of your favourite food and drink. But the growing popularity of fitness holidays suggests more and more of us are opting for a much healthier kind of break.

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The best cycling holidays

While we love driving (it’s what we do for a living, after all!) even we can admit cycling is great fun. Not only is it a brilliant way to get fit and enjoy some fresh air, there are some amazing places you can travel to for a cycling holiday. Let’s face it, seeing the world on your bike has got to beat the daily cycle commute to work, right?

Inspired by the Tour of Spain, we’ve rounded up a few of the best cycling holidays out there to inspire you to try a pedal powered holiday for your next break from Gatwick.

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10 Things to do in Amsterdam

If it’s a cheap weekend retreat you’re looking for, then Amsterdam is the place to go. Catch the booking agents on a good day, and you’ll bag yourself a flight and hotel for less than the price of a train ticket from London to Manchester.

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How to get the cheapest flight

If you’re tirelessly trawling the web in a bid to find the cheapest flight, you’re not alone. We are here to take you through our top tips, that, hopefully, won’t only save you time, but also money, when booking your next flight.

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Eating at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is home to a host of eateries to suit every palate. Before you fly, check out the options available to tempt your tastebuds by reading our lowdown on the most delicious dishes on offer. 

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Gatwick Airport guide

Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK – seeing over 43 million passengers pass through its doors every year. So, it makes sense for us to give you a run down on the best practices when parking, travelling and flying from Gatwick Airport.

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Travelling with children checklist

One of the most common mistakes people make when packing for their summer break is packing too much. We see it all the time, people rooting through overflowing cases at the check-in desk in a bid to avoid hefty baggage charges. There is a simple solution to this, only pack what you need! 

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8 tips for flying with children

Just the thought of flying with children can be enough to turn the majority of us off jetting away on holiday - but here’s how to make your life that little bit easier, with these 8 tips for flying with children.

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Meet & Greet Parking - Gatwick Approved Operators

If you’re flying out of Gatwick Airport this year and need to park your car did you know that Gatwick Airport has its own approved car parking operators?

To insure the safety of their customers’ vehicles, the airport, several years ago, introduced the Gatwick Approved Operator status.

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Hold Luggage Travel Insurance Exceptions

You may have travel insurance that covers your checked in baggage but if your airline requires you to place your cabin baggage in the hold because of lack of space on the airline, it may not be covered by your insurance.


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Foreign Office Updates Oman Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office – FCO – has updated its advice on Oman to travellers, also taking the opportunity to reiterate the importance of adhering to local customs and laws.

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Cheapest Places to Holiday in 2017

The results of the annual Post Office Travel Money survey have been released and it’s not all rising prices and doom and gloom (unlike what you might have read in the press). Believe it or not, in some countries this year it’s even cheaper than ever before!

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FCO Issues In-resort Ski Safe Tips

If you're just  about to jet off to the slopes for your annual skiing holiday, make sure you take heed of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's latest advice for skiiers and snowboarders.

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Gatwick’s Holiday Hotspots for 2017

One of the many bonuses of living in the South East is the fact we have a major airport, offering a wide variety of international destinations, at our fingertips – Gatwick Airport.

As the UK’s second busiest airport, and the world’s busiest single runway airport, it’s a thriving hub of holiday hotspot getaways, making the big wide world that little bit smaller.

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Foreign Office Warning on False Sickness Claims

Sadly, in the ‘blame and claim’ culture we live in, it’s to be expected (although this certainly doesn’t make it right), but the number of travel insurance claims being made for fictitious ‘sickness-bugs’ is on the increase.

Holidaymakers, thinking that there’s no proof over whether they were or weren’t ill, are claiming that they were the victims of sickness and diarrhoea bugs.  

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Ladies' Ultimate Travel Check List

Ladies - if you’re about to jet off on holiday, the chances are you’ll be in a bit of a rush. Juggling work often means working late so you just run out of time.

If you’ve got a family then you’re probably thinking about not only packing your own case but your kids (and partner’s) too! 

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FCO Issues Ski Safe Advice

As the ever popular ski season gets underway, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued its annual Ski Safe campaign.

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Best European Christmas Markets for 2016

Halloween has gone in a puff of smoke, and Bonfire Night went off with a bang so that can only mean one thing... It’s Christmas!

So what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a trip to a European Christmas market?

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Survey finds 1 in 5 wants alcohol ban at airports

Most of us enjoy a drink at the airport while we’re waiting for our flight. In fact, it’s almost seen as a ritual; the pre-flight drink that signals the start of our holiday. Unfortunately, for some, a pre-flight drink turns to many and can cause problems for passengers and flight crews on flights.

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Flying With Young Children - tips on how to cope

As half term fast approaches, some of you lucky people will be jetting off to sunnier climes. But if it’s your first time flying with your young family, the chances are you’ll be a little apprehensive and concerned about how to cope with your children on a flight.

So take a moment and check out these helpful tips when flying with children.

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How to Pass The Time on a Plane

For most of us, the thought of spending more than a couple of hours on a plane is the ultimate in boredom factor.

So what can we do to while away the hours when confined in those ‘delightful’ little seats? Why not check out our ideas on how to keep yourself entertained...

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Eating Etiquette from Around the World

Eating out whilst abroad – trying local dishes and delicacies – is half the fun of a holiday, but did you know that many of our global friends have rather different rules when it comes to meal times?

So here, for a bit of fun, but a little bit of a heads up too, are the dos and don’ts of some of our favourite holiday hot spots.

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Keeping your holiday money safe

If you’re off on holiday this summer and have yet to purchase your foreign currency, then it might be worth reading the following:

According to research and an investigation by Xpress Money, many British holidaymakers are turning themselves into ‘holiday cash mules’ by taking more money than they need.

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Financially Protecting Your Holiday

The collapse of Low Cost Holidays is a stark reminder of the importance of making sure your holiday is protected.

1,000s of travellers were left overseas, stranded without any means of getting home, whilst others had to find the cash to pay for their accommodation when checking out, and for those yet to travel, their holiday dreams turned into nightmares.

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Brexit Affecting Overseas Travel

It has been reported that following the shock Brexit decision, one in ten holidaymakers has put their overseas holiday plans on hold.

Interestingly, the same number believes that they will be treated differently since the UK voted to leave the EU.

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Have a Summer Holiday to Remember

As millions of Britons head off on their annual summer holiday, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), in association with Thomson and First Choice, is reminding the Nation of the importance of travel insurance.

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Tips to Find Safe and Secure Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking

Whilst there are many reliable and trustworthy parking companies operating at Gatwick, there are also plenty of unscrupulous, rogue traders.

The recent incident when West Sussex Police discovered over 1,000 cars abandoned in a muddy field, with keys attached to wind screens and in boots of vehicles highlights the importance of using reliable and vetted Gatwick meet and Greet airport parking operators.

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Which? Issues Apply-Once Suntan Lotion Warning

If you’re jetting off on holiday this summer the chances are you are looking to buy your suntan lotions as we speak.

If you’re considering buying an ‘apply-once’ or a ‘once-a-day’ suntan lotion you might want to reconsider given the recent research and testing undertaken by leading consumer watchdog magazine, Which?.

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British Holiday habits abroad

Are You a Typical Brit Abroad?

To many, the typical Brit abroad stereotype conjures up visions of Syd James et al in a Carry On film.

Thankfully, long gone are the days of the British male, donning his finest string vest and makeshift handkerchief hat strolling down the promenade.

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Which? Reveals Suntan Lotions Best Buys

Now that the UK is getting some sunshine it's time to turn our attention to suntan lotions. But which one should we buy, and what do UVA, UVB and SPF mean?

Stick with us and we'll explain.

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FCO Offers Emergency Help for British Travellers

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers emergency help to British travellers while they are abroad, however, contrary to some peoples' belief, it is not a Directory Enquiries service.

“Where do I buy English bacon in Europe?”

Yes, believe it or not, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) received this very call. In fact, it has received hundreds of crazy question calls over the years.  

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Euro 2016 Travel Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued advice to eager football fans, ahead of the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

The campaign, aptly named, ‘On the Ball’ has been created to keep fans of the beautiful game safe and protected during the championship – the 15th European Championship kicks off on 10th June until 10th July.

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Rio Olympics Travel Advice

With less than 100 days to go until Brazil host the 23rd Olympic Games in its capital city, Rio, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued some tips and advice for Olympic travellers.

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What is Park Mark?

Park Mark is... Safer, more secure and reliable parking.

A car is the second most expensive purchase a person will ever make.

So, it’s essential that when it’s entrusted to a parking company, the customer has the utmost peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle is parked safely and securely.

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Holiday Fraud - How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that wherever there’s a lucrative market, there are always going to be unscrupulous people who will try to exploit people for their own financial gain, and holidays is one such area.

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Last-minute Checks When Travelling With Children

Travelling With Children? So, we’ve all heard of the expression ‘don’t forget your toothbrush’. Well, if you’re travelling with children, don’t forget to check out these tips a day or so before you travel.

These last-minute checks will help to make your journey, and your child's, go as smoothly as possible.

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In-Flight Packed Lunch Advice

You won’t be alone in thinking you can't take a packed lunch and snacks on board a flight. However, you’d be wrong. Passengers are allowed to take snacks and food on board an aircraft to eat during the flight.

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Mexico/South American Travel Fears with Zika Virus

It was only a few weeks ago that the Zika virus dominated the news, worrying holidaymakers, particularly pregnant women, who had holidays booked in South America and Mexico.

The Zika virus hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s still a major health concern for those living in the region or wishing to visit.

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9 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Holiday

Looking to get the very best deal on your holiday?

You are not the only one, but there are a few small changes you can make that can make a big difference on the total cost of your holiday.

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27 of the Most Ridiculous Holiday Complaints

The saying goes: "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time", and how true it is, especially when it comes to holidays.

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Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

In the age of the independent woman, it's become commonplace for women to travel abroad alone. Whether it’s because you’re young, free and single, or just don’t share the same travel aspirations as your friends, there’s no better time to go it alone.

As with any travel, however, it’s imperative to take steps to stay safe. So take a moment to check out our safety tips for solo travel:

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‘Thin Ice’ Insurance Warning to Winter Sports Travellers

Government warning to skiers and boarders: Don’t forget Winter sports travel insurance.

As many of us are about to jet off to hit the slopes – more than 1 million this winter - a warning has been issued by the Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) concerning travel insurance.

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Flight Superstitions - Top 10 Revealed

Apparently, one is six people has a fear of flying despite the odds of being involved in a plane crash being one in 11 million!

You may not regard yourself as a nervous flyer, but do you have any superstitions when it comes to air travel?

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Top 10 Worst Habits of Air Travellers

Love it or loath it, the reality is that, nowadays, most of us fly.

Whether that’s for business or for pleasure, hopping on to an aircraft and jetting off is a way of life and, judging by the amount of flying we do, you’d think that it would be a rather enjoyable experience.

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Holiday Hotspots for 2016

With the excesses of Christmas firmly behind us, the new year, for many, means it's time to book our summer holiday.

Where will you travel to this year? A firm favourite or perhaps one of the up-and-coming destinations?

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Top 20 Safest Airlines Revealed

We regularly fly, but how often do you stop to wonder about the safety rating of your chosen airline?

Each year, reveals the top 20 safest airlines and top 10 safest low-cost airlines.

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ABTA Warns of Fake Holiday Websites

Now that Christmas is over, many of us will be turning our attention to summer holidays.

January is a very popular time to book your summer holiday – you not only have more options available to you as fewer people have booked but chances are, you’re likely to pick up a bargain by booking early.

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Question: Can Wrapped Christmas Presents Go In Hand Luggage?

If you’re jetting off at this time of year, the chances are you will be flying with Christmas presents in your hand luggage.   

But do you know what to do with any Christmas pressents you're carrying, can you travel with gift wrapped presents in your hand luggage?

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10 Selfie Tips

Smile, pout, frown... we all love a selfie! However, for every five we take, one might be worthy of a post on social media.

So just how do we take those perfect selfies, something the Kardashians would be proud of, when we’re on holiday?

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Survey Highlights Top 10 Airport Annoyances

Many travellers find airports stressful and get wound up spending any amount of time in an airport - we’re not just talking about delays and disruptions, we’re talking about each and every time they travel.

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Winter Car Check Tips

Driving this winter? Whether you’re simply driving a short distance to friends or family, or to the airport for your winter holiday, you should always make sure your car is prepared for driving in wintery conditions.

Here's a list of tips to make sure your car is winter-ready.

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The Best Places to Celebrate New Year

Celebrate New Year in style - our guide to some of the best places in the world to see in the New Year.

In the blink of an eye this year will be over and it will be time to welcome in another new year. So let’s take a look at some of the best places to celebrate.

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15 Top Parking Jokes

For many of us parking is one of life’s biggest bugbears.   

In fact, parking is one of the biggest annoyances in the modern world. But forget the hassle of parking and all the inconsiderate drivers out there and take a look at our top 15 parking jokes.

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Things to Do The Day Before You Travel

Do you struggle to get organised for your holiday? Think you’ve got everything covered, only to discover you’ve still got masses to do before you leave. Or perhaps you leave everything to the last minute then panic because you have so much to do and so little time.

If you’re one of the many for whom all ‘hell breaks loose’ on the day of their holiday, then help is at hand.

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18 things to organise before your holiday

If only organising a holliday was as simple as just booking it and looking forward to the day of departure. However, the build up to a holiday can be quite stressful. Often we worry about remembering to do everything before we go, convinced we'll forget something. So it’s ideal to have a list of things to do before your departure date.

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Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad

If you're worried about taking cash with you on holiday, concerned that it could get stolen, check out our useful tips on where to stow your cash while you are out and about.

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Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Did you know that one in six adults has a fear of flying? And yet, flying is the safest form of transport. 

So what can you do if you suffer from a fear of flying?

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Holiday Beauty Product Packing

For many, packing a suitcase is a fine art... rolling this, folding that, stuffing the other! But what about packing breakables and delicate cosmetic items? How should you pack those?

After all, the last thing you need is for your expensive bottle of perfume to smas in your suitcase and leaving everything wet and smelly

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Family Parking Made Easy at Gatwick

The summer holidays are now over and many of us are starting to think about a short break during the October half-term holiday.

If you and your family are driving to Gatwick Airport for your holiday you should seriously consider booking meet and greet parking.

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Holiday Sunshine in Less Than 5 Hours

If you’re after holiday sunshine for a short break, then the chances are you don’t want to be flying long haul. Instead, opting for a flight of 5 hours or under.

But where can you find the sun without having to endure a long flight? Here’s a quick guide to the countries you can be in within a maximum of 5 hours.


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Rio 2016 - Stay Ahead of The Games

Last year’s World Cup saw more than 200,000 British nationals visit Brazil, and with next year’s summer Olympics in Rio, thousands more British fans are expected to head to Brazil to cheer on team GB.

If you're planning to visit the Rio Games, make sure you plan your holiday in advance.

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Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, or Your Travel Insurance

If you’re one of the thousands of people taking part in the ‘Great British Getaway’ this summer – the busiest time of the year for foreign holidays – then be sure to pack your toothbrush and your travel insurance.

Travel insurance is a necessary part of a holiday abroad, however, a quarter of UK holidaymakers travel overseas without it.

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The Smart Girl’s Packing Guide

If the thought of packing fills you with dread, you’re not alone!

Deciding what to pack, how to pack and trying to decant lotions and potions into 100ml-sized bottles can seem like a daunting task.

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Long-haul flight survival tips

How many of us have booked a long-haul flight thinking that the excitement of reaching our exotic destination will help us survive a 10- 12- or even 14-hour flight? 

And how many of us have found this isn’t the case at all? Okay, so the first couple of hours is fine, the excitement mounts, but then the novelty wears off and the reality of sitting cramped into a tiny seat for the best part of a day begins to sink in.

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How to Create Your Own Children’s In-flight Entertainment Pack

There are just a couple of weeks left of school, so many families are busy preparing for their annual summer holiday.  

And for those travelling with small children, there’s much more to think about than what clothes you need to pack in their suitcase... much thought needs to be given as to how to keep the little ones entertained on flights.

Whether it’s a short- or long-haul flight, here are some tips on what will help keep your little ones entertained.

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Which? Reveals Do and Don’t Buy Suntan Lotions

Skin cancer is at an all time high, and the number of British sufferers is rising at an alarming rate.

As cases of skin cancer rise, more and more suntan lotions are entering the market place, all with varying price tags, all supposedly offering the same protection. 

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Hand Luggage Packing Tips

Air passengers breathed a huge sigh of relief last week, when the Air Transport Association (ATA) confirmed they were cancelling their proposals to reduce the size of hand luggage.

Initially, the ATA called for baggage sizes to be reduced to 55cm x 35cm x 19cm so that all passengers’ hand luggage would be able to fit in the overhead lockers. This reduction in size would mean a bag would have little more than half the capacity the current allowance permits.

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Tips to keep your passport safe on holiday

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office is urging British holidaymakers to keep their passports safe while they are abroad this summer.

Last year more than 20,000 British passports were reported lost or stolen.

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How safe is your holiday?

If your holiday provider were to go bankrupt before, or even during your holiday, would you be covered?

Would you receive a refund or be allowed to continue on your holiday and return to the UK without any additional cost to you?

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Hand Luggage Essentials

Whether you’re travelling with hold and hand luggage, or you’ve just got a carry-on holdall, it’s worth giving some thought to the things you might need during your flight to make it an altogether better flight experience.

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9 Money Saving Tips For Your Holiday

Having saved all year for our summer holiday, how come so many of us end up frittering away money on the ‘holiday extras’ we need to buy before the actual holiday itself or by making a few mistakes when booking?

These costly errors can be avoided - here’s how:

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Holidays to Egypt – safe travel advice

Are you one of the many Brits who are debating whether or not to visit Egypt this year?

Famed for its high quality hotels and scorching temperatures, Egypt was once a popular holiday destination for British tourists. However, over the last 18 months, due to civil unrest, the country has fallen out of favour, not just with British tourists, but those from all around the world.

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APD Axed for Under 12s

On Friday, 1 May 2015, the controversial Air Passenger Duty tax (APD)  was axed for children under the age of 12.

Great news for families wishing to fly overseas, and just the begin of the end of APD for children – APD for under 16s will be scrapped from 1 May 2016. 

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Your quick guide to liquids in hand luggage rules

Marmite, Nutella and baked beans - the dos and don’ts of liquids in hand luggage.

If you're still confused about the liquids in hand luggage rules and what constitutes a liquid, don't worry, you're not alone.

London City Airport revealed recently that it has had to confiscate Marmite, Nutella, and even baked beans from passengers who still aren't aware of the rules.


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Travel fraud – 6 ways to avoid getting conned

Spoof websites, hacked accounts and fake ads are just some of the ways fraudsters are scamming millions of pounds from unsuspecting holidaymakers.

In 2014, an estimated £2.2million was stolen from the travelling public. The average loss was £889, although, in a timeshare fraud, one victim was conned out of £62,000.

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LGBT travel advice

It is important that every overseas traveller, regardless of sexual orientation, is careful when travelling abroad. Problems can be avoided by careful preparation and researching your destination in advance of travel.

Don’t forget, attitudes towards LGBT travellers may not be as liberal as they are in the UK, but this shouldn’t deter you from travelling.

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Keeping Safe on Holiday

It’s essential to keep you and your possessions safe when you’re travelling overseas. This includes avoiding drawing attention to yourself, and keeping your money out of sight.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued lots of advice on how British travellers can stay safe during their time abroad.

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Important reasons why you need travel insurance

With sterling at a seven-year high, it's unsurprising that more of us are considering holidaying in Europe this year.

However, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is urging the British public to make sure they have travel insurance in place to prevent their bargain holiday becoming a financial nightmare.

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How the FCO can help British nationals abroad

‘No Madam, the British Consulate cannot help you find a chef to make you haggis.’

Sounds like a joke doesn’t it? But this is actually one example of the weird and wonderful calls that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) received last year!

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How to Apply for a Child's Passport

Are you travelling abroad with your child for the first time? Don't forget, even babies require passports, so if you need to apply for your child's first passport, check out our guide to applying for a child's first passport here:

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Help Me Park is the UK’s 16th largest airport parking company

The UK airport parking business is a large and very complex market featuring many companies, some well known and others virtually unknown.
Following an evaluation of the UK’s top 30 airport parking companies by Plimsoll Analysis, LTD was ranked as the 16th largest, just above Park At The Airport Ltd (which was established 51 years ago).

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Flying With Medication

Are you on medication and about to go on holiday? Are you confused about whether you can take your prescription drugs on holiday? Don't worry, just take a look at our overview of the regulations surrounding flying with medicines.

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How to Financially Protect Your Holiday

Your summer holiday will probably be one of the most expensive things you’ll purchase this year so you need to make sure that it’s financially protected.

Through our commitment with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office check out the following advice and information on how best to financially protect you and your travel plans.

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Holiday Check List

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, or jetting overseas for the first time, it’s well worth doing your homework before you travel.

Travelling overseas is expensive and the last thing you want is to spoil your fun because you failed to make adequate preparations.

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Winter Sports Safety Advice

Seasoned Skier, Savvy Snowboarder or First timer, be sure to take extreme care when you’re on your winter sports holiday.

While we don’t wish to be a killjoy, remember that while winter sports are exhilarating, they are also dangerous, so check out the following advice to make sure your holiday is fun both on and off piste.

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Travel Insurance - why you need it, why it’s so important

To some people, travel insurance seems like an added holiday expense they think they could do without, but travel insurance is absolutely vital for anyone travelling overseas.

No matter how short your trip or how healthy you think you are, accidents can happen and, should the worst happen, can leave you facing expensive bills on your return home.

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Help Me Park Partners Know Before You Go Campaign

Help Me Park is delighted to announce that we have become an official partner of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s ‘Know Before You Go’ (KBYG) campaign; a campaign created to help British nationals stay safe while they are abroad.

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Will Low Oil Prices Reduce Flight Prices?

This week it was announced that oil prices were at their lowest for 6 years.

However, before we all get too excited about cheaper holidays, the Chancellor, George Osborne, believes that air passengers won’t see the benefit.

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Rush to Book European Holidays As Euro Crashes

There’s some great news for holidaymakers this year, all thanks to the falling value of the Euro. 

As the Euro crashes, the price of European holidays is also falling – the first time since the 2008 financial crisis.

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International Driving Permit

If you’re planning to drive abroad, do be aware that you may be required to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) for some non-EU countries.  This IDP authorises the driver to drive a privately owned, or hired, motor car overseas.

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2015 Holiday Hot Spots Revealed

Now that the festive season and New Year celebrations are over, many of us are looking to book our annual holidays.

So which destinations will we be the most popular for holidays in 2015?

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Tips for Driving Abroad

Hiring a car on holiday can give you the freedom to visit out-of-the-way places or just spend more time at an attraction than an organised trip would offer.

However, when hiring a vehicle you do need to make sure that you’re aware of the local driving laws and regulations.

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Top 10 Items We Can’t Travel Without

What type of traveller are you? Do you pack everything but the kitchen sink? Or do you travel light, packing just the bare essentials, sometimes forgetting things?

Whatever type of packer you are, here’s the top 10 can't-travel-without items voted for by the nation’s online community:

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Christmas Air Travel With Children

More and more families are deciding to pack up and jet off over Christmas time.  Whether that’s to see friends and family overseas or to enjoy the festive season in an idyllic, snow filled ski resort, travelling over Christmas time with children is becoming more common place than ever before.

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Winter Ski Tips and Advice

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to the slopes for skiing or snowboarding this winter, then check out our winter ski advice.

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Christmas Trip to Lapland

Christmas is a magical time for children, and if your budget stretches to a trip to Lapland you're in for a real Christmas treat.

Family trips to Lapland have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years. The search for Father Christmas and the promise of deep snow appeals to both young and old.  And now, thanks to a number of tour operators, a trip to Lapland is more accessible than ever.

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Christmas Airport Travel Tips

Air travel over the Christmas period is becoming increasingly popular and with it comes busier airports.

If you're travelling over the festive period, check out our airport travel tips.

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Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag is a frequent problem associated with long-haul travel and can spoil the first few days of your holiday.

Travelling from west to east is worse than east to west however, there are steps that you can take to help alleviate jet lag.

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The luxury way to start your holiday

Are you off on a special holiday, perhaps your honeymoon, or maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary with a special trip abroad?

If so, why not get your holiday off to a great start by adding a few luxuries to your travel?

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Christmas Celebrations Around the World

As Christmas draws closer – and the shops are bursting with more festive delights by the minute– there’s no better time to consider your options for spending Christmas abroad.

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Long haul flight survival tips

Do you dream of visiting Australia, or perhaps the Far East but the thought of the long flight puts you off? Don't worry, you’re not alone.

Being cooped up in a small space for hours on end doesn’t sound like the perfect start, or finish, to a holiday, but there are ways to cope.

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How to be Prepared at Airport Security

Earlier this week we touched upon some of the most annoying things at an airport, one of which was unprepared passengers; those who don’t have their paperwork ready at check-in and who are totally unprepared to pass through security.

Here’s our advice on how to make sure you’re prepared for airport security so that you’re not that passenger!

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Top 8 Airport Annoyances

At a time when the UK’s two largest airports battle for expansion, we take a look at what actually gets us annoyed when travelling through an airport.

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September flight news

Gatwick is continuing to gain new destinations to help bolster its attempts to secure the right to build a second runway. Here's a list of the latest services and flight announcements made in September.

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Hand luggage tips

While most of us know what can be packed in our hand luggage, for some there is still some confusion as to what items are permitted and what items are prohibited in your hand luggage.

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Worldwide Emergency Mobile Phone Number

Did you know that there is an international emergency phone number that can get you access to help and urgent attention, which you can use anywhere in the World from your mobile phone?

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10 Family Skiing Tips

As the ski season fast approaches, many young families are keen to hit the slopes with their children. Yet considerations for booking a ski holiday with children can be different to booking an adults-only ski trip. Take a look at our skiing tips for families.

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UK Sun Seekers Winter Sun Hot Spot Revealed

Ever wondered what the most popular winter holiday destination is for us Brits?

A TUi survey has just revealed what the most popular destination is and there's great news - it's available from Gatwick!

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The Role of the British Foreign Office Abroad

Have you ever wondered about what role the British Foreign Office plays for overseas travellers, apart from mentions in the news advising against travel to countries in turmoil?

Here's a guide to what assistance they can provide holidaymakers and tourist with should they run into trouble overseas.

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Don’t forget to pack your ATOL certificate

Passport, check; foreign currency, check; visa, check; ATOL certificate…err, what’s that?

An ATOL certificate confirms that your holiday is protected and who is protecting it in the event of your holiday company collapsing while you are away.

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EHIC Card Essential for European Travel

Failure to carry an EHIC card on your European holiday could result in you being refused hospital assistance if required.

Results of a survey carried out by Allianz Global Assistance suggests that one in three holidaymakers will be turned away by hospitals because they don't have an EHIC card.

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Etiquette Dos and Don’ts When Abroad

Do you kiss on the cheek once, twice or even three times?  Social etiquette when travelling overseas can be quite confusing.

While the subject of kissing is a bit of fun, some forms of etiquette need careful attention, otherwise you could end up very embarrassed, or worse, even imprisoned!

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How to travel with hand luggage only

Some Gatwick passengers were forced to wait up to 90 minutes to collect their baggage last week due to staff shortages.

With the busy summer period about to start, and Gatwick baggage handlers warning passengers to expect long delays at luggage carousels, we take a look at how easy it is to travel with hand luggage only.


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ABTA launches Swim Safe campaign

In 2013, 16 British holidaymakers, five of which were children, drowned while on holiday abroad, and a survey of 2,289 Brits carried out in May for YouGov found that almost one in five people (18%) knows someone who has got into difficulty while swimming on holiday.

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Additional USA Electronic Security Alerts

Following the increased security alerts across the globe last week as a result of possible Independence Day attacks, airports across the UK are continuing to keep up additional security measures.

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Where to Find the Cheapest European City Breaks

Are you looking for a city break somewhere in Europe that’s not going to break the bank?

According to the Post Office Travel Money survey for leading cities, Budapest in Hungary has been deemed as the world’s cheapest city break!

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Newest Holiday Hot Spot Flights From Gatwick

Gatwick is making huge investments to increase its flight offerings, attracting both new airlines and new routes, and now there are many new and exciting places to jet off to. The question is, do you know about these new destinations?

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Security Rules on Taking Food onto a Plane

In a recent survey of 2,000 people it was found that 65% were ‘dissatisfied’ with the quality of in-flight meals.  Of those 65%, 30% went on to say the meals were ‘reasonable’, while 25% said they were ‘disgusting’.

It’s hardly surprising then that a commonly asked question when flying is “can I take food on a plane?” or “can I pack a packed lunch for my flight instead of buying an in-flight meal?”

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‘Summer of Care’ Launched at Gatwick

As the peak summer season fast approaches, Gatwick Airport has launched its passenger-focused ‘Summer of Care’ programme.

The programme sees 30 multi-lingual staff, boasting 10 different languages, on hand to assist passengers with any questions or queries they may have.

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Films That Inspire Travel

Have you ever seen a film whose location has inspired you to travel there? Or perhaps you've read a book that describes a part of the world so wonderfully that you feel you must go?

You’re not alone; many film fans have been motivated to travel by the big screen. Here we take a look at the films that have inspired millions to travel...

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Overseas Weddings Increase In Popularity

It seems that an increasing number of UK brides-to-be are looking for sunnier shores to tie the knot.

A recent survey shows that 1.5 million engaged couples are looking to head overseas to get married in the next year.

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Gatwick Airport on Google Street Maps

If you’re new to Gatwick Airport and you’re a little concerned as to how you’ll negotiate your way around the airport then never fear… Google Street maps is here to help you.

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Airport Foreign Exchange

When do you buy your foreign currency? Do you purchase your holiday spending money when you book your holiday, do you watch the rates and buy when you think they're at their best, or do you leave it to the last minute and pick up your currency at the airport?

If you leave buying your currency until you get to the airport, are you aware that you’ll get a lot less for your money?

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Lost Luggage Information

More than 20 million pieces of luggage going missing every year?

Although 98% of luggage that does go missing is usually just delayed and is eventually returned to its owners. However, sometimes, luggage is lost, stolen or damaged. Check out our advice on what to do if your luggage is lost in transit.

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50K New Gatwick Workers Make a Buzz

Gatwick Airport is set to get 50,000 new workers of the bee variety.

The Gatwick Greenspace Partnership (GGP) has moved three beehives containing honeybees into Ashley’s Field - one of Gatwick Airport’s conservation areas.

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Where’s Hot for Holidays This May

Now the kids are back at school, the cost of a holiday has fallen dramatically.

So if you’re able to holiday outside of school holidays and you’re thinking of jetting off this May then check out our short haul suggestions, all of which are available from Gatwick Airport.

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Trollies At Gatwick

First flight from Gatwick and worried about transporting your luggage through to check-in?

Don't panic, Gatwick Airport has, quite literally, thousands of trollies throughout the airport.

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Save time and book valet parking

Just what is your airport parking costing you?

When we ask how much your airport parking is costing you, we don’t just mean money, we’re also referring to time.

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Gatwick Airport Service Centre

Did you know Gatwick Airport has a Service Centre that, like a Help Desk, is there to assist with any queries or problems with your flights and time spent at the airport?

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Gatwick Second Runway Proposals For Public Consultation

Gatwick Airport has opened up its suggested plans for its proposed second runway for public consultation.

The proposal, called ‘Gatwick Obviously’, claims to be the only option for expansion in the South East, and that “expansion at Gatwick could deliver the most economic growth with the least environmental impact”.

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Air Passengers Confused Over Hand Luggage Allowances

It’s easy to be confused about what size of hand luggage you’re allowed to take on the plane.

After all, hand baggage allowances vary from airline to airline, with one airline having one size and another has a completely different size.

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Easter Fun at Gatwick

Looking to get away for Easter this year and flying with children? You'll be pleased to know that Gatwick has arranged some Easter fun to help keep your children amused while they wait for their flight.

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Tips for talking golf clubs on a plane

Golfing holidays have seen a huge rise in popularity in the past few years. If you're hooked on golf and are about to take your first overseas golfing holiday, check out our tips for taking your golf clubs on holiday with you.

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More Calls To Freeze APD

With today's budget looming, there are more calls on the Government this week to freeze its controversial Air Passenger Duty Tax (APD).

This year alone, APD campaigns have been raging by Skyscanner and independent UK parent groups, as well as campaigns about the high cost of holidays during school holidays.

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Business Facilities at Gatwick Airport

As the UK’s second largest airport, Gatwick Airport prides itself on its range of facilities to aid the business traveller. These facilities help not only the traveller relax and unwind between flights but also enable the traveller to get down to business while waiting for their next flight.

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Early holiday bookings increase

Do you believe in the benefits of booking your holiday early?

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), more and more of us believe booking early is better. As a result, tour operator and travel agent bookings were up by more than 10%, even before the end of January.

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Tips for making a travel insurance claim

Travel insurance is designed to cover us and our possessions while we are on holiday and provide help in the event of illness and injury abroad, but failing to get the correct cover before you leave could see your insurance claim rejected, or worse still, leave you with an expensive medical or repatriation bill.

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MPs Debate School Holiday Prices

One of the largest online petitions, which generated more than 160,000 signatures, has led to MPs debating the increase in prices for holidays taken during school holidays.

For years the public has complained bitterly about the steep increase in school holiday prices - more than double in some cases - that tour operators and holiday companies charge.

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Tips For A Single Traveller

Solo travel is increasing in popularity and nowadays there’s no stigma attached to travelling alone. So, if you are choosing to travel by yourself this year, then check out our top tips on travelling alone.

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Half Term Holiday Getaways from Gatwick

As the UK braces itself for yet another storm, you’re giving serious thought to escaping the UK during the February.

If you’re looking for sun this half term, and flying from Gatwick, there are many operators and airlines offering flights to hot and sunny resorts in February.

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Flight Cancellations – Your Rights on an EU Flight

Gatwick experienced severe flight delays and cancellations on Christmas Eve 2013 due to flooding which caused a power outage in the North Terminal.

In total, 62 departures and 59 arrivals were cancelled and some passengers waited upto 12 hours only to be told their flights had been cancelled. Here's a guide to your rights if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

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Gatwick Wins Best UK Airport Award

Congratulations to Gatwick Airport, which won the Best UK Airport Award at the 2014 Business Travel Awards held on Monday night at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House hotel in London.

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Parents to be Fined for Term-time Holidays

The cost of a family holiday in term time is significantly lower than the same holiday taken in the school holidays. This difference in price often means parents take their children out of school for a summer holiday - a move frowned upon by schools and the Government.

Last year the Government announced that it would enforce a penalty notice on parents who took their children out of school during term time without permission.

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Skiing Holidays - Guide to Airline Charges for Skis

If you’ve booked a package ski holiday then it's more than likely that the total cost of your holiday includes taking your skis on the airplane.

However, this is not always the case. If you're booking your holiday as separates, it's worth checking whether the carriage of your skis is included or whether you will be charged extra - check out our guide to airlines and their charges for baggage and skis.

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Tips for First Time Skiers – In Resort

There’s nothing like a skiing holiday – it’s exciting, adventurous and exhilarating. However, if you’re new to it all don’t be adverse to taking some advice about how best to prepare.

Here are some top tips for first time skiers for when they are in resort.

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Tips for First Time Skiers – Preparation at Home

If you're heading off for your first ever skiing holiday then check out our top tips for first time skiers.

A little background information and an expert heads-up will help you to enjoy a truly awesome ski holiday, rather than feeling, quite frankly, ‘piste’ off with it all and wishing for sun more than a slope!

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Festive hand luggage travel tips advice, rules & regulations

Gatwick has reported that it will have its busiest ever Christmas this year, with around two million people passing through the airport over the festive period - more than 60,000 people will fly out of the airport on Sunday, 22 December alone.

If you're one of the many flying though Gatwick this Christmas, check out our tips about festive hand luggage, rules and regulations.

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Gatwick Express Christmas cancellations and delays

As millions of us set off to spend time with family and friends over the festive season, many public transport service providers, such as Network Rail, are set to upgrade their infrastructure, which could lead to disruptions, delays and even cancellation of services.

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Flying with children through Gatwick

If you’re flying out of Gatwick with children then check out this article for top tips and helpful advice. It includes information on the services available at Gatwick and things you should know, and be prepared for, when flying with children.

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Taking children skiing for the first time

Skiing is fantastic winter fun and it’s enjoyable for all the family. However, if you’re taking your children to the slopes for the first time, check out the following tips and advice to ensure both you and your little ones have an awesome time on the pistes.

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Christmas flying tips

Christmas is a popular time to get away for a short break, maybe to visit friends and family, escape the worst of our winter weather and get some sunshine, or hit the slopes for a skiing holiday.

If you’re flying from Gatwick this Christmas, here are some tips to help you pass through the airport with as few delays as possible:

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Children’s Facilities at Gatwick

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, or flying for the first time from Gatwick, flying with children can be daunting. However, with a bit of advanced planning and awareness of the children’s facilities available at Gatwick, flying with children isn’t too difficult.

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Understanding who is responsible for what at Gatwick

Have you ever stopped to wonder who is responsible for what at Gatwick? Or to whom you should direct your questions about parking, baggage etc to?

Often, it's not until something goes wrong, that we realise Gatwick Airport is responsible for everything that happens at the airport. For more information on who is responsible for what, read on...

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Money-saving tips for using a mobile phone abroad

Are you put off using your mobile phone abroad because you think it will be too expensive? Or, have you been caught out with an expensive phone bill on your return from holiday?

Here are a few tips to help make travelling abroad with your mobile phone that little bit cheaper.

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easyJet expansion at Gatwick

There’s great news for passengers wanting a cheap no-frills flight out of Gatwick Airport next spring as easyJet is set to expand its services from Gatwick.

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How to get to Gatwick Airport

Your holiday is booked, your flights leave from Gatwick, but have you thought about how you’re going to get to Gatwick? Here are several options of how to get to Gatwick Airport.

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Gatwick Airport Lounges

Gone are the days when airport lounges were only for the rich and famous flying first class.

Today, Gatwick Airport’s two terminals offer a number of airport lounges, for all travellers, flying with any airline and in any class, including entry to children.

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Help Me Park acquires Diamond Parking Services

Help Me Park has completed their acquisition of Gatwick valet parking company Diamond Parking Services. From 5th November 2013, Help Me Park will manage and operate all new and existing bookings for Gatwick meet and greet parking.

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Gatwick terminals on Google Street Maps

If you dread the thought of finding your way around Gatwick Airport; trying to find your favourite coffee shop, restaurant or shop in the Departure Lounge, or simply trying to locate your boarding gate.

Then fear no more, Gatwick has teamed up with Google Street View to provide a unique street view of the inside of airport from a home PC or smartphone, so you’ll never get lost again!

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Best Christmas markets In Europe

Christmas markets date back to the middle ages, and are a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas and pick up some great Christmas presents too.

Here's a selection of some of the best European Christmas markets on offer:

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Greek Air Traffic Control Strike 7/11/13

Tomorrow, Thursday 7th November, will see a strike by Greek Air Traffic Controllers.

Workers from around the country will join a 24 hour strike, which will affect flights in and out of the country, however it will also affect train and ferry services too.

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Tips for Gatwick disabled passengers and PRM

Travelling through a busy airport, such as Gatwick, can be quite stressful for some people, not least those with reduced mobility and disabled travellers.

Many disabled passengers are anxious about how they are going to access Gatwick airport once they have arrived at the terminal and how they are going to progress through the terminal to their aircraft.

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Driving to Gatwick – pre journey checks for your car

With the focus on your holiday and your flight from Gatwick, it’s quite easy to forget about everyday essentials, such as making sure your car is in tip-top condition before you set off for the airport.

To help you avoid car problems on the way to Gatwick, Help Me Park has put together a list of checks you should carry out on your car before you set off for the airport.

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Gatwick flight announcements

There’s great news on the Gatwick flight front this month with the announcement of several new routes and increased frequencies on others.

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Do you know where your car is parked?

Do you know where your car is parked when you go away on holiday?

You may think your car is parked in a secure car park with perimeter fencing and CCTV. After all, the company you booked with said it had a secure car park, it even had photos of the car park on its website but, in reality, things could be completely different.

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10 Top tips for flying with children

For many travellers the holiday spirit kicks in as soon as we get to the airport – a stroll around duty free, a bite to eat, a glass of wine even. However, for many parents the whole airport experience fills then with utter dread.  

The thought of juggling small children in the hustle and bustle of a busy airport and a long flight is a parent’s worst nightmare. If this sounds all too familiar, take a moment to read our top tips when flying with children.

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10 Tips for great holiday photos

Everyone loves holidays and it’s great to look back on photos to remind us of what fun we had. But all too often, our holiday snaps are a bit of a let down – blurred, out of focus, or too far away – that fail to capture the moment.

A few of us at Help Me Park have a keen interest in photography so we’ve put together some tips to help you take photos that will not only wow your friends and family but help to preserve your holiday memories.

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Record-breaking year for Help Me Park

2013 is turning into a very successful year for Help Me Park with a record number of bookings, making it our best-ever year.

Up until the end of September, Help Me Park parked more than 30,000 cars – the most since the company was founded eight years ago.

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Current hand luggage liquid regulations

More and more of us are travelling with hand baggage only and as a result all our liquids have to be packed in one small bag. The rules governing liquids in luggage can be confusing and anything that doesn't conform to the rules will be confiscated. Here's a quick guide to what is and isn't permitted to help you pass through airport security quickly.

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Is your EHIC medical travel card still valid?

In 2006 the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) replaced the E111 form for health cover in Europe. With 3 million due to expire this year, we ask 'is your card still valid?' and explain how to go about renewing yours if it has expired or due to expire shortly.

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Gatwick Airport Travel Tips

It’s less than three weeks until the school holidays when many of us will be heading to Gatwick for a welcome break.

If you’re heading though Gatwick soon check out our top tips and to help you get through the airport quickly and stress free.

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Help Me Park shortlisted for TravelMole Web Awards

The nominations for the 2013 TravelMole’s Web Awards have just been announced and Help Me Park is delighted to report that we have made the shortlist!

The awards, which are in their tenth year, look to identify and reward websites that are ‘beacons to the rest of the industry in terms of their use of graphics and copywriting to communicate effectively what the business is all about’.

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